Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kiersten's 2013 Senior Portraits

This post is kind of late. I took Kiersten's senior portraits this summer around the beautiful Nubble Lighthouse in Maine. Even though she claimed to hate being in front of the camera she was a natural gorgeous model and I enjoyed taking her pictures immensely! :)

(Ugh, I noticed my watermarks are different sizes...still trying to get down a good work flow in lightroom, I've got a feeling it will take a while though!)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Leroy's 2013 Senior Portraits

I very rarely get the opportunity to photograph just guys...
(...They seems to hide when I bring out my camera...)
Sure, I've done couples and family portraits, but this was my very first session doing a guy photoshoot...and I had a blast! This is actually my handsome brother so I have all rights to brag about him through this post! ;D
His awkward smiles and what-do-I-do- posture soon melted away with some jokes and of course the moment he started playing the guitar! I mean, who often has the opportunity to just sit on train tracks and play a tune? He has a passion for music and has an AMAZING voice! You can see some of that passion and fun that he has while playing come out in the pictures.  

See what I mean? So handsome. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Andrew and Josie Potter Family Portraits

I recently had the opportunity of taking Andrew and Josie Potter's family portraits along with single pictures of their adorable little girl, Abigail who was all smiles for her singles then a little harder to get a smile out of for family pictures. :)


 Look at that adorable smile! You can't help but smile back! :) 

Love the look that she is giving here. 




Counting the apples...they will soon be adding another apple to count! 
Congratulations, Andrew and Josie on expecting another little one :)

She is obviously the apple of their eye ;)

I had so much fun taking pictures of this adorable, happy family! It was hard choosing which pictures to post on here, for these aren't even the half of them!