Monday, October 28, 2013

Andrew and Josie Potter Family Portraits

I recently had the opportunity of taking Andrew and Josie Potter's family portraits along with single pictures of their adorable little girl, Abigail who was all smiles for her singles then a little harder to get a smile out of for family pictures. :)


 Look at that adorable smile! You can't help but smile back! :) 

Love the look that she is giving here. 




Counting the apples...they will soon be adding another apple to count! 
Congratulations, Andrew and Josie on expecting another little one :)

She is obviously the apple of their eye ;)

I had so much fun taking pictures of this adorable, happy family! It was hard choosing which pictures to post on here, for these aren't even the half of them! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Getting Started

I've been super excited about starting a new blog! Kind of intimidated with starting from scratch and not knowing where to actually start! But I think I've stalled enough, bear with me as I try to get the ball rolling!

I LOVE photography but I need to be honest here and let you know I absolutely do not like the computer work. Sure, I have fun editing some times and get excited when I can tweak a picture some and really make it POP (though I am much more of a natural gal- I don't like it when the picture looks 'fake' from editing). But there is just something about the computer work (call it impatience with electronics) that I know if I didn't love composing life through a view finder I would give up all together. I've got 7 maxed out memory chips to prove it!

Anyway enough chatter! These fall pictures were from a rainy Sunday walk. You'll learn quickly that I love going on walks and Cameron (camera + Nikon= is my constant companion.

This last picture I was having fun with. :) I love the colors of the leaves and was experimenting with streaking them. This one was taken with a slow shutter speed and zooming out while taking the picture.

First post! I am super excited about sharing my pictures instead of having them sit on my hard drive or in memory cards collecting cyber dust! Feel free to comment on the pictures, I'd love to hear from you!