Monday, November 23, 2015

Diamonds in the Grass

It was a usual morning, after waking up I pulled my drapes aside so that my indoor plants could catch the morning rays when BAM! A million diamonds sparkling in the grass up at me like someone had taken a giant diamond and exploded it casting its diamond dust all over. After changing out of my PJs (Cause don't ya know, my neighbors think I am crazy enough) I grabbed my camera for a freezing morning wake-me-up adventure!

I had one of those Ah-Ha moments. I'm always using the power of the Internet to further my education and I ran across a guy giving a pitch for his online university program. Something he said-one simple phrase- changed how I now take pictures. Perfect exposure is something that I am always working on and now thanks to the random internet guy, it just got a whole lot easier...anyway your eyes are glazing over so proceed to the (hopefully) interesting stuff :)

Of course my trusty companion was with me. Doesn't her face just say, "Seriously? Your taking another picture of me?" She also wasn't too happy about having to lie down.  ;)

And there you have it! A bunch of pictures of grass! Happy Monday! :D