About me: 

  Through the lens I can express myself. Since I was a young child I've loved photography all the way around- from looking at breath-taking pictures and desiring to capture such beauty to grabbing any camera on hand and snapping away. I got a Nikon D40 when I was a young teenager and spent most of my time looking at life through the viewfinder. I graduated high school a year early knowing full well that photography was my next step in life. To continue working full time and further my education I enrolled in an online professional photography college course through the New York Institute of Photography. This course is AMAZING! I have a professional photographer coaching me through the course, with the audio responses to my sent-in assignments, it is as close to in-person as I can ask for!

  While this course has given me the know-how, just like with anything you can't be good at something without practicing and DOING. Personal experience is what has gotten me where I am today and is what I hope will get me to higher heights in the future!

  I love photographing anything from a spider spinning a web to a bride and groom saying 'I do' capturing something that would otherwise go unnoticed and making a story out of it with one single picture.

  My name is Alyssa Kinney and photography is my passion.

                          About Cameron: 

(A big thank-you to google images for providing the photo)

  My baby and constant companion is a Nikon D7000, which I have nicknamed Cameron. A lot of sweat and blood went into getting this camera, but it was worth every drop! I shoot manual and this camera provides the flexibility to do so. I know a camera is only as good as the photographer, however having the right tools helps tremendously.

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