Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Moore State Park

A couple weeks ago I was asked to tag along on a hike that I was told I would need my camera for. I brought the bare necessities- my camera and a zoom lens, and man, do I wish I had brought my tripod! Small, yet beautiful waterfalls graced the scenery on a very grey, overcast day. The lack of tripod and slow shutter speed set me up for soft and out of focus pictures, but I managed to get a few OK ones by bracing myself on trees and whatever else possible! I'm hoping to go back there again better prepared and on a less grey day!

I slid down a very slippery bank and nearly into the water for this one :) 
Love those pictures I really have to work for!

So theres a few pictures from Moore State Park! I'd been there once before a looong time ago so it was nice to be brought back there. Definitely a keeper for going back to in the different seasons (I've heard the Rhododendrons really are a breathtaking scene in the spring and summer)!


  1. Oh wow…these are breathtaking and look like they belong in a calendar. They are probably the best nature photos I've seen of yours!! I know what my next desktop image will be ;) Just beautiful...

  2. I agree with Sara EXCELLENT!! Keep up the Beautiful Work!! Thanks for Capturing and Sharing God's Beauty!! Definitely a vessel for the masters use!!