Friday, June 10, 2016

Little Everett Charles

A few months ago I posted this pregnancy session...

The suspense is over!
IT'S A...

This little darling was quite the mover! He was awake the whole time kicking, punching, and munching on his hand. It absolutely amazed me how advanced he seemed for just a week old! 
I got my baby snuggles in and enjoyed capturing his little personality. <3

I was so surprised at his ability to hold up his head!

Enough pictures, it's time to eat!

This picture was taken specifically for his grandpa, but I thought it was too cute 
not to share with you all ;)  

 A biker dude, just like his daddy. :)
(Daddy is holding onto baby...I'd never put baby's safety before adorable pictures)

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  1. These pictures are too much! Love the setup of the post, and every single picture is adorable!