Monday, March 3, 2014

Mystic Aquarium

I don't know about you, but I still love to go to aquariums and museums! 
It just so happens that in the past few days I've gone to both. Taking pictures at these places is always an adventure, but it can also be very frustrating with the poor lighting conditions and the glass that millions of little children have touched through the course of the day.
I tend to 'document' pictures when I go to an exciting place that I have never been. I am caught up with the amazement and not into getting creative and actually interesting pictures. You may be able to notice when I got left behind from our group and actually took the time to get creative. ;) 
Anyway welcome to the Mystic Aquarium! 


This was hanging from the ceiling...No clue what it is.

BELUGA WHALES!!! Oh, these guys were so much fun! Absolutely amazing!

Look at Totally posing. (:

Here he is saying "Here, make sure you get my good side"! ;)

See all those streaks on the glass and the glare from the sun?? That is the frustration I was talking about. They were so cute though and loved swimming around for all the kids that were pressing their little faces and hands to the glass.  

Yes, I was tempted to try my hand at speaking whale as he swam away (Finding Nemo). 

My cousin found a separate peak-a-boo place (this is a large circle window he is tucked into) and the whale found him ;)

This is not a seal, this is a sea lion. We learned the difference as these amazing animals performed.

They know their shapes! Astonishing what sea lions are being trained to do! 


They all wore these nice little bracelets.

This one was shy.

Oh, goodness! I LOVE seagulls! This one had an attitude too, completely turned his back to the man offering the fry...

...Then of course helped himself once the man had left.

LOVE the colors here.

Their eyes fascinate me.

Jelly Fish!

SEAHORSES!!!! Loved these little guys too!

No clue why they do this...?

And there you have it! Mystic Aquarium in a handful of pictures! I think I had more fun then the kids. ;)

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