Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sharks Hockey Game!

Worcester Sharks vs. Springfield Falcons
(March 21, 2014)
The thing I love about hockey games is that something is always happening, the energy is just buzzing! 
The Sharks lost, breaking their season high of 6 straight wins. Though this game wasn't a score for the them, it was for me!! I got my sports photography assignment completed! One down...three to go!
Now to choose which one to submit...

Eriah Hayes 

 Matt Pelech

Freddie Hamilton 

Adam Comrie 

The little girl to the left totally makes this picture ;)  

Rylan Schwartz 

Konrad Abeltshauser 

 Brock Higgs

 Not the best picture but the kid in the background just cracked me up. ;)

 Freddie Hamilton
(So disappointed the glass got in this shot!)

 Dan DaSilva

 Dylan DeMelo 

 Rob Davison

 Eriah Hayes

 Freddie Hamilton

Bracken Kearns

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