Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Washington D.C World War ll Memorial

This was amazing! We were in the World War II memorial when this honorary ceremony started unfolding! I had no clue what was happening and still didn't until I came home to research what was on all their T-shirts. It's called the Hudson Valley Honor Flight*. They are a non-profit organization that transports American veterans to visit their memorials in D.C at no cost to them as a thank-you to these heroes! You can visit their website here to learn more about them! 

Sent shivers down my spine. These men fought for the freedom of our country...many of them living with physical disabilities because of it...and look how happy and proud they are to have fought for our freedom! Thank-you isn't enough.

The dancers added to the festivities! 
They had oldies music on and were amazing dancers!

After the ceremony many of the veterans headed over the the Vietnam Memorial where volunteers would trace out the names of their loved ones from the walls. Such a sobering experience.

Land of the Free...Because of the Brave!

*Disclaimer: I have no association with Hudson Valley Honor Flight. 

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