Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall Photo Shoot!

I absolutely LOVE fall and am sliiightly depressed that it is almost over!! Before the vibrant colors faded and it got too cold, we managed to get a fall photo shoot in for this beautiful family: 

The fact that they have a little man that is a natural poser made my job too easy. I willing admit that I took a LOT of pictures of this certain little man...I wouldn't go as far as saying too many though because there is no such thing as too many pictures ;) 

See? Too cute. I rest my case.

While I have been MIA online I have been in action photographing a wedding, a few photo shoots, and recently working on a lot of time consuming business marketing stuff. AlyssaBeth Photography is going to be undergoing a lot of change! Mostly just having an actual logo (which, man! It doesn't just magically appear!) and becoming a business, though I still like being referred to as "that friend that likes to take pictures". ;) 

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