Monday, August 24, 2015

Ciera & Leon's Wedding!

Three months...not too bad for me! These pictures are way behind on the posting spectrum, however better late then never ;)  I had a ridiculously fun time being Ciera and Leon's photographer for their special day! They not only are an adorable couple, they have great personalities (which made my job easier!). 
Shooting my second wedding went fairly smoothly for me! Granted I had an amazing assistant (also my best friend, whom I give full credit for the balcony shot during the ceremony). I thought I was overly prepared, had the whole day planned out in my mind, and of course nothing went as planned! As with my last wedding you just roll with what is happening and be ready to find an extra plate for cutting the cake, finding a sewing kit for a missing button, and directing when everyone looks at you with a lost expression on their faces! I did have a photographers nightmare- got my pictures home only to find out that one of my lens was malfunctioning and you could split the picture in half with the left being out of focus and the right of it fine! I don't normally freak out about much, but that was definitely a freak out moment. With some editing they came out fine, thankfully. 
So here are just a few pictures of the beautiful day. Special thank you to the lovely couple for letting me share the pictures with you all! 

(Photo Credit: Kiersten Hansen)

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Aly! Well done! And they are such an adorable couple.