Thursday, August 27, 2015

Maine Road Trip

I absolutely LOVE the coast of Maine...the amazing sunsets and sunrises...the salty air...the thunderous sound of crashing waves...hidden treasures in the sand...and just the relaxing feel of being in Maine. You know those "You're in Maine, breathe easy" signs- that totally sums it up. I had the opportunity to go on a road trip to Maine with my sister best friend. :) We had a blast and she is so patient with my needing to stop every minute and having to take different angles until I get it 'just right'. So here are some of the places we went...

My Grandparent's back yard is always the place to be. Just hop on an ATV and it's a photographer's dream matter how many years of pictures I have out of this place.

 I love this dog...even though I am highly allergic to her. ;(

Lets see how many pictures of clothes pins one person can take... 

 Sunset! And this was described from my grandparents as 'nothing'. 

 Wolfe's Neck State Park
(Definitely recommend this clean park for hiking! The clearly marked trails lead along rocky shores where you can go down and explore!)

Popham Fort
(Another place to recommend, especially if you are going to Popham Beach! The fort is free to explore and open to the public!)

All I could think the whole time was wedding pictures. It would be perfection! 

 The sign says: "Fort Popham was garrisoned during- The Civil War, The Spanish American War, and World War 1. This was a precautionary measure. The fort was never attacked."

Popham Beach
(Yet another place to highly recommend! This is an amazing beach with islands to explore while the tide is out! Just make sure you don't get caught out on the island when the tide comes back in!)

Here you can see the entrance to the gets completely covered with water when the tide comes back in! 

South Freeport Harbor

And there you have it, a week in Maine! 

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  1. I'm just in awe of these, Aly. You did it justice :) I had an amazing time with you, bestie!